The Puglia region, is in the southeast of Italy, just by the sea. Our history goes back to the ancient Greek culture. We produce the best olive oil (winner for more than 200 years of the #1 Olive Oil in the world) and we are glad to share this amazing experience with you. 

Dine at Puglia in Agua Fria for simply the best Italian food on the mountain 

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Hello everyone, due to new restrictions assigned by the County, we only have outdoor seating available provided with heaters for the night, please take a look at our online menu for better details regarding the best Italian food and don't hesitate to call us for more info. 

( 909 ) - 744 - 8859 


Opening Hours


MON: 5 pm-8.30 pm

TUE: 5 pm-8.30 pm


THUR: 5 pm-8.30 pm 

FRI: 2 pm-9 pm

SAT: 2 pm-9 pm

SUN: 2 pm-9 pm

Come Dine with Us

26848 Hwy 189

Blue Jay 92317

We also do TO-GO orders: 

(909) 744-8859

Contact Us 

Call us at (909) 744 8859 .


E-mail us filling the form below .

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